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Hydraulic Motor Driven Induced Vane Pump AssemblyIn the product design area, Ohler Engineering has an emphasis on fluid machinery of most types. In particular, we have a large design data bank and decades of real world experience in designing the right type of pump or pump system for our customers specification requirements.

In addition, Ohler Engineering has extensive and detail design experience with centrifugal, gear, vane, gerotor, turbine (drag) and water ring pumps. With all the previously mentioned pumps Ohler Engineering has extensive experience with a wide variety of pumped medium, from boiling fluids to cryogenic fluids from inert fluids to explosive fluids.

Ohler Engineering is not a software house which specializes in computational fluid dynamics or structural analysis software and professes to know how to design fluid machinery. On the contrary, Ohler Engineering uses those tools and others along with decades of experience in machinery and a manufacturing environment to design the proper pump or system for our clients.

Ohler Engineering continues to support the manufacturers of the Aerospace, Industrial, Petro-Chemical and Marine industries with their pump, fluid machinery and fluid system needs.