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Turbine (Drag) Pumps
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Ohler Engineering continues to be a leader in the Engine Driven Turbine Induced Gear Pump Assemblydesign, trouble-shooting and analysis of turbine pumps and turbine pump systems.

Ohler Engineering uses turbine pump specific data bases and design software to ensure specific performance goals. Turbine wear, bearing sizing and analysis, shaft sizing and duty cycle analysis, turbine sizing and flow analysis software with industry specific data bases hones the required design for our clientís applications.

In addition, Ohler Engineering uses itís own material data base to ensure proper limitation on material fatigue limits for the casting and wrought materials used for a given application.


With Ohler Engineeringís understanding and design experience of other pump types, centrifugal, drag and straight vaned for example, when combo assemblies are required for a given application the entire pumpís hydraulics are designed and analyzed in house.

When a pump or fluid machinery system design is required come to where the manufacturers come: Ohler Engineering.

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