engineering services: manufacturing help

Is manufacturing represented in PDR and CDR?

Is scrap percentage unacceptable for this product line?

Does the product cycle back and forth between assembly and test?

When was the last time that new process creation significantly affected manufacturing margins in this product line?

Ohler Engineering offers help in the manufacturing area within the following areas. First, at the design stage of the machine or system manufacturing and product engineering personnel need to identify the critical items that affect performance, structural integrity, critical processes and safety. Ohler Engineering can help with the preceding identification and help identify problem areas in manufacturing and the ways that others have used to minimize the effect of those problem areas. In addition, identify and remedy large scrap problems, assembly problems and persistent cycling between assembly and test. Also, identify areas of tolerance and finish relaxation without sacrificing performance and product field life. Helping in identification of test requirements for instituting new processes that drastically reduce time to manufacture.