engineering services: preliminary & critical design review

Is the understanding of PDR, CDR and itís presentation present?

Is there continued difficulty in obtaining customer approval?

Are there frequent requests for analyses of other approaches and approval still does not come?

Do the designs in production miss their performance requirements or fail in service?

A key effort in any fluid machine or fluid system program, that wishes to be on schedule and profitable, is the acceptance by the customer of the machine or system, at the conceptual and pre-production phases of the effort, in a timely manner. These two acceptance stations are usually called Preliminary and Critical Design Review respectively. Ohler Engineering can help its customers in these two phases in several ways. First, in understanding what is required and setting up the process such that it flows smoothly with our clients customers. In addition, if required, Ohler Engineering would chair the Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews for our clients or represent our clients as a participant. The representation of our clients is particularly important to our system house clients where knowledge of the machine details and their effect on system reliability and performance is minimal. Of particular importance is the reviewing, acceptance or non-acceptance of alternating approaches that surface during a PDR or CDR.

Because of the varying industries and machinery that Ohler Engineering sees we are in a unique position to help our clients during these very critical periods of a program.