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Centrifugal Pumps
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centrifugal pumpOhler Engineering has a wide range of design experience with axial, mixed flow, radial and multistage centrifugal pumps and pumping systems utilizing the industry’s standard prime movers. The fluid horsepower delivered from these pumps and pumping systems range from fractional fluid horsepower to thousands of fluid horsepower. Ohler Engineering has extensive experience with pumped fluids of cryogenic nature to high temperature boiling fluids with low inlet pressures.

The tools used in the design process range from hand calculations, set up in computer solver software, large design specific computer programs, finite element modeling / finite element analysis (FEM / FEA) programs to multiple computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs. These design tools have a large data base from multiple industries where appropriate. These tools and data bases are not only are used for the hydraulic portion of the design process but for the housings, shafting, bearings, seals, thrust bearings, fasteners and specialty items that exist in a production centrifugal pump or pumping system.

Ohler Engineering continues to serve the aero-space, industrial, petro-chemical and marine industries with centrifugal pump engineering world wide.

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